How to Cancel Caller Tune on MTN | Say Goodbye to Caller Tunes

Are you tired of that catchy caller tune playing every time someone calls you? Well, I feel you! Sometimes, we just want our phones to ring with a simple, traditional tone. That’s why I’m here to help you How to cancel caller tune on MTN in just a few simple steps. Trust me, I’ve been there too, desperately searching for a way to get rid of that earworm that seemed to follow me everywhere. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process of canceling your caller tune on MTN, giving you back control over your phone’s ringback tone. Let’s dive in and reclaim your ringtone sanity!

Have you ever called someone and instead of the usual ringing sound, you were greeted with a catchy tune? Well, my friend, that’s what we call a caller tune. In this section, we’ll explore what caller tunes are, how they work on the MTN network, and why you might consider canceling them. So, let’s dive in and unravel the world of caller tunes on MTN!

How to Cancel Caller Tune on MTN | 4 Easiest methods

Method 1: USSD Code

Dialing the USSD code *123# is a quick and convenient way to cancel a caller tune on MTN. Once you have your phone ready, follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial the USSD Code: Open the phone dialer and enter *123#.
  2. Navigate the Menu Options: You will be presented with a menu on your screen. Look for the option related to “Caller Tunes” and select it.
  3. Select the Caller Tunes Option: Within the caller tunes menu, you’ll find various options related to managing your caller tunes subscription. Choose the option that allows you to cancel the current caller tune subscription.
  4. Cancel the Current Subscription: Once you have selected the cancellation option, a confirmation prompt may appear asking for your confirmation to proceed. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the cancellation.

By following these steps, you can easily cancel your caller tune subscription using the USSD code *123#. It’s important to note that the exact menu options and steps may vary slightly depending on your specific MTN service and location.

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Method 2: SMS

Canceling a caller tune on MTN is also possible through SMS. Follow these steps to cancel your caller tune subscription using SMS:

  1. Compose an SMS: Open the messaging app on your phone and create a new SMS.
  2. Enter the Cancellation Code: In the message body, type the designated cancellation code for canceling the caller tune service. The specific code may vary, so make sure to check the MTN website or contact customer support for the correct code.
  3. Send the SMS: Once you have entered the cancellation code, send the SMS to the designated MTN number provided for cancellation purposes.
  4. Confirmation Message: After sending the SMS, you will receive a confirmation message from MTN indicating the status of your cancellation request. The message will confirm whether your caller tune subscription has been successfully canceled.

Using the SMS method, you can easily cancel your caller tune subscription on MTN. Keep in mind that standard SMS charges may apply, so ensure you have enough credit or an active SMS plan.

Method 3: Mobile App

The MTN mobile app provides a convenient way to manage your caller tune subscription and cancel it if needed. Here’s how you can use the mobile app to cancel your caller tune:

  1. Download and Install: Start by downloading and installing the official MTN mobile app from your device’s app store.
  2. Log In or Register: Open the app and log in with your MTN account credentials. If you don’t have an account, you can easily register within the app.
  3. Navigate to Caller Tune Settings: Once you’re logged in, navigate to the settings or account section of the app. Look for the option related to caller tunes.
  4. Cancel Subscription: Within the caller tune settings, you should find an option to cancel or deactivate your caller tune subscription. Tap on it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the cancellation process.

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Method 4: Customer Service

If you prefer to seek assistance directly from MTN’s customer service, you can contact them to cancel your caller tune subscription. Here’s how you can get in touch with customer service:

  1. Dial Customer Service Number: Dial the MTN customer service number provided on their website or in the app. Listen to the prompts and select the appropriate option to speak with a customer service representative.
  2. Request Caller Tune Cancellation: Once connected with a representative, explain that you want to cancel your caller tune subscription. Provide them with any necessary details they may ask for, such as your account information or the specific caller tune you wish to cancel.
  3. Follow Representative’s Guidance: The customer service representative will guide you through the cancellation process. They may ask for verification or confirmation before finalizing the cancellation.
  4. Confirmation: After the cancellation is processed, the representative will provide you with a confirmation of the cancellation. It’s a good idea to note down any reference numbers or details provided for future reference.

Using the mobile app or contacting customer service are two additional methods you can utilize to cancel your caller tune on MTN. Choose the option that best suits your preference and enjoy a hassle-free cancellation experience.

Reasons to Cancel Caller Tune

While caller tunes can be fun and entertaining, there are several reasons why you might want to cancel them:

  1. Personal preference: Maybe you’re simply tired of hearing the same tune every time someone calls you. You want a change, and that’s totally understandable!
  2. Privacy concerns: Caller tunes can sometimes reveal your taste in music, which you might prefer to keep private. Canceling the caller tune ensures your incoming calls remain personal and discreet.
  3. Cost considerations: Caller tunes often come with a subscription fee. If you’re looking to cut down on expenses, canceling the caller tune can free up some funds.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While canceling your caller tune is usually a smooth process, you might encounter a few hiccups along the way. Here are some common issues and their troubleshooting tips:

  1. Unable to find the cancellation option: Make sure you’re using the latest version of the MTN app or contact MTN customer support for guidance on canceling the caller tune service.
  2. Error messages during cancellation: Double-check that you have sufficient balance or credit on your account, as this may affect the cancellation process. If the issue persists, reach out to MTN customer support for assistance.

By understanding caller tunes, following the step-by-step guide to canceling them on MTN, and troubleshooting any potential issues, you’ll be well-equipped to take control of your phone’s ring back tone. So go ahead and make the changes that reflect your personal style and preferences!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will canceling my caller tune affect my ability to receive calls?

Not at all! Canceling your caller tune on MTN will only change the ringback tone that the caller hears when they call you. You will still be able to receive calls as usual. So go ahead and cancel that tune without any worries!

Can I cancel my caller tune through the MTN app?

Absolutely! MTN provides a convenient way to manage your caller tune subscriptions through their user-friendly app. Simply open the app, navigate to the caller tune settings, and follow the prompts to cancel your tune. It’s quick and hassle-free!

I canceled my caller tune, but it’s still playing when someone calls me. What should I do?

If you’re still hearing the caller tune after canceling it, there might be a slight delay in the deactivation process. Give it a little time, restart your phone, and check again. If the issue persists, reach out to MTN customer support for further assistance.

Can I cancel my caller tune without using my airtime?

Yes, canceling your caller tune on MTN does not require any airtime. You can deactivate the service free of charge. However, ensure that you have enough credit or balance to cover any subscription fees associated with the caller tune before canceling.

Will I lose any paid subscription period if I cancel my caller tune before it expires?

When you cancel your caller tune before its expiration date, you may lose the remaining paid subscription period. It’s important to consider this before canceling. If you no longer wish to use the caller tune, it’s best to wait until near the expiration date to maximize the value of your subscription.


By following the step-by-step guide and understanding the ins and outs of caller tunes on MTN, you are now empowered to cancel that unwanted tune and regain control over your phone’s ringback tone. Whether it’s a personal preference for a simpler ringtone, a desire to maintain privacy, or a conscious effort to manage your expenses, canceling the caller tune is a breeze. Remember, it’s all about making your phone truly reflect your style and personality. So go ahead, take the leap, and bid farewell to that catchy tune. Your incoming calls will now be a reflection of you, and that’s something to celebrate!

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