How to Load MTN Airtime Voucher | A Step By Step Guide

Are you tired of running out of mobile airtime at the most inconvenient times? Well, I’ve been there too! Hi, I’m Bulelwa Simelane, and today, I’m going to share my personal experience and guide you through the simple process of loading an MTN airtime voucher. Whether you need to make an important call or send an urgent message, learning how to load MTN airtime vouchers is a valuable skill that ensures you stay connected. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll walk you through each stage, providing clear instructions and helpful tips along the way. Say goodbye to frustrating airtime shortages and hello to uninterrupted communication!

How to Load MTN Airtime Voucher

Step 1: Scratch off the voucher code

When you purchase an MTN airtime voucher, you’ll find a protective layer covering the voucher code. Use a coin or your fingernail to gently scratch off this layer and reveal the hidden code.

Step 2: Dial the MTN airtime loading code

On your mobile device, open the dialer and enter *888*recharge pin#. This code may vary depending on your country and mobile network operator.

Step 3: Enter the voucher code

Using your phone’s keypad, enter the voucher code you revealed by scratching off the protective layer. Take care to enter the code accurately to avoid any errors.

Step 4: Confirm the airtime loading request

After entering the voucher code, you’ll need to confirm the airtime loading request. Follow the prompts on your screen and confirm that you want to load the specified amount of airtime.

Step 5: Receive confirmation and updated balance

Once you confirm the airtime loading request, you’ll receive a confirmation message from MTN. Your airtime balance will be instantly updated, reflecting the loaded amount. You’re now ready to enjoy uninterrupted communication!

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Encountering issues while loading airtime vouchers is not uncommon. Here are solutions to some common problems you might face:

Incorrectly entered voucher code

   Double-check the code for accuracy before confirming. Even a small typo can result in an invalid code, so be diligent while entering it.

Expired or invalid voucher

   Ensure that the voucher you’re trying to load is within the validity period. Expired vouchers or those previously used won’t be accepted.

Insufficient balance for airtime purchase:

   Before attempting to load a voucher, check your current airtime balance. Make sure it’s sufficient to cover the amount you want to load.

Network connectivity issues:

   Weak network signals can sometimes hinder the loading process. Try moving to a location with better reception or contact your service provider for assistance.

Customer support contact information:

   If you encounter persistent issues or require further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to MTN’s customer support. They have dedicated teams to help you resolve any problems.


What should I do if I accidentally enter the wrong voucher code?

Don’t panic! We’ve all been there. If you enter the wrong voucher code, take a deep breath and double-check the code for accuracy. If the code is incorrect, simply restart the process and enter the correct code. Remember, accuracy is key when loading airtime vouchers!

Can I transfer airtime from my MTN number to another MTN number?

Absolutely! MTN provides a convenient service called MTN Share ‘N’ Sell, which allows you to transfer airtime from your account to another MTN number. Simply dial the transfer code, enter the recipient’s phone number, specify the amount, and confirm the transfer. It’s a handy way to help out a friend or family member in need!

Can I load MTN airtime vouchers when I’m abroad?

Yes, you can! MTN airtime vouchers can be loaded even if you’re outside your home country. Simply follow the same steps as you would when in your home country. However, keep in mind that international roaming charges may apply, so it’s wise to check with your mobile service provider for any additional fees or considerations

What should I do if I purchased an MTN airtime voucher, but it’s not working?

It can be frustrating when a voucher doesn’t work as expected. In such cases, ensure that the voucher is valid and hasn’t expired. If the issue persists, reach out to MTN’s customer support for assistance. They will be able to investigate the problem further and provide a resolution to ensure you can successfully load your airtime voucher.

Can I load airtime vouchers using alternative methods, such as mobile banking or online platforms?

Absolutely! MTN offers various convenient methods for loading airtime vouchers, including mobile banking apps and online platforms. Check with your bank or explore MTN’s official website to find out the available options. These alternative methods can save you time and effort by allowing you to load airtime from the comfort of your own home or on the go.


You’ve successfully learned how to load an MTN airtime voucher with ease. By following the step-by-step guide, you can ensure uninterrupted communication whenever you need it. Remember to scratch off the voucher code, dial the airtime loading code, enter the code accurately, and confirm the request. In case you encounter any issues, the troubleshooting tips provided will help you overcome common hurdles. Additionally, the extra tips and tricks shared will enhance your airtime loading experience, allowing for convenient balance checks, auto-recharge options, and secure purchasing methods. Now, armed with this knowledge, you can confidently stay connected and never worry about running out of airtime again. Happy loading!

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