How to Send a Please Call Me on MTN | 3 Easiest Steps and Tips

Have You Ever Found Yourself in a Situation Where You Urgently Needed Someone to Call You back, But you were unable to make the call yourself? Well, fret no more, because I’m here to guide you on how to send a Please Call Me on MTN, the popular mobile network provider.

In this era of constant communication, the ability to quickly and effortlessly request a call back can be a lifesaver. Whether you’re out of airtime or facing a low battery, the Please Call Me feature allows you to reach out to your loved ones, friends, or colleagues with just a few taps.

So, let me share with you the simple steps and methods to effectively send a Please Call Me on MTN, ensuring your message gets across and help is just a call away.

How to Send a Please Call Me on MTN

When you’re in a bind and need someone to call you back urgently, the Please Call Me feature on MTN comes to the rescue. Sending a “Please Call Me” message on MTN is a convenient way to request a call back when you’re low on credit or simply need to reach out to someone urgently. In this article, I will explain three easy methods to send a “Please Call Me” message on MTN: using USSD code, via SMS, and through the mobile app. By following these steps, you can quickly connect with others and ensure your message gets across. Let’s get started!

Method 1: USSD Code

Step 1: Open the Dialer: Open the dialer on your mobile phone, where you usually enter phone numbers to make calls.

Step 2: Dial the USSD Code: Enter the specific USSD code provided by MTN for sending a “Please Call Me” message *123 RecipientNumber#” or “*133#”.

Step 3: Add Recipient’s Number: After dialing the USSD code, include the recipient’s phone number after the code. Make sure to enter the number accurately, including the country code if necessary.

Step 4: Send the Message: Dial the code, and your “Please Call Me” message will be sent to the specified recipient. They will receive a notification with your request to call back.

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Method 2: SMS

Step 1: Compose a New SMS: Open your messaging app and compose a new SMS.

Step 2: Enter the Recipient’s Number: Type the recipient’s phone number in the SMS recipient field. Be sure to include the country code if needed.

Step 3: Type the Message: In the SMS body, type the phrase “Please Call Me” or any other message you want to include along with the request.

Step 4: Send the SMS: Send the SMS to the recipient’s phone number, and they will receive your “Please Call Me” message. They can then contact you accordingly.

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Method 3: Mobile App

Step 1: Download the MTN Mobile App: If you haven’t already, download the official MTN mobile app from your device’s app store and install it.

Step 2: Log In or Create an Account: Open the app and log in using your MTN account details. If you don’t have an account, create one by following the provided instructions.

Step 3: Find the “Please Call Me” Feature: Navigate through the app to find the “Please Call Me” feature. It may be located in the messaging or communication section of the app.

Step 4: Enter Recipient’s Number and Send: Enter the recipient’s phone number in the designated field within the “Please Call Me” feature. Once entered, tap the “Send” button to deliver your request.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I send a Please Call Me to any network or only to MTN numbers?

The Please Call Me service is designed for MTN-to-MTN communication, so you can only send it to MTN numbers. It’s a convenient way to reach out to MTN users when you’re low on credit or need an urgent callback.

Is there a limit to the number of Please Call Me messages I can send in a day?

Yes, there is a daily limit on the number of Please Call Me messages you can send. Typically, the limit is set to prevent abuse of the service and maintain network efficiency. Check with your specific MTN plan for the exact limit.

What happens if the recipient ignores or doesn’t respond to my Please Call Me message?

If the recipient doesn’t respond to your Please Call Me message, it could mean they are busy or unavailable at the moment. In such cases, you may consider sending a text message or trying to reach them through alternative means.

Can I customize the content of my Please Call Me message?

No, the Please Call Me service is designed to send a standard predefined message without any customization options. The message usually contains a brief request for the recipient to call you back.

Why am I not receiving any Please Call Me messages from others?

If you’re not receiving any Please Call Me messages, it’s possible that the sender might be experiencing network issues or is not within MTN network coverage. Ensure your phone has good signal strength and check if your MTN services are active.


Sending a Please Call Me on MTN is a simple and efficient way to reach out for a callback when you need it the most. By exploring the USSD Code, SMS, and Mobile App methods, you have a range of options to choose from based on your preferences and convenience. Whether you’re in a hurry or want to utilize the user-friendly interface of the mobile app, MTN provides reliable solutions for staying connected with others. So, the next time you find yourself in a situation where you can’t make a call, remember these methods and send a Please Call Me to ensure your message is received loud and clear. Stay connected, stay in touch!

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