What is MTN Mega Gigs Xs | All you need to know

Today, I’m thrilled to share that what is MTN Mega Gigs XS, the ultimate game-changer in mobile data connectivity. So, what is MTN Mega Gigs XS? Picture this – lightning-fast browsing, seamless streaming, and endless possibilities for staying connected, all in one power-packed data plan. When I first heard about it, I couldn’t resist giving it a try. And let me tell you, it exceeded all my expectations!

From unlimited entertainment to hassle-free remote work, this gem has transformed my digital life. In this blog post, I’ll take you through its jaw-dropping features, effortless subscription process, and real-life examples of how it supercharged my connectivity. Buckle up for a data-fueled adventure like no other!

what is MTN mega gigs xs

Let us dive in, to deeply understand it.

MTN Mega Gigs XS

MTN Mega Gigs XS is a data bundle from MTN South Africa that gives you 1GB of anytime data, 500MB of streaming data, and 500MB of social data, as well as 25 minutes of airtime. It costs R129 per month, and it’s a great option if you use a lot of data for streaming, social media, or making calls.

The anytime data can be used for any purpose, while the streaming data can only be used for streaming services like Showmax and DStv Now. The social data can only be used for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

The 25 minutes of airtime can be used to make calls to any network in South Africa.

The MTN Mega Gigs XS bundle is valid for 30 days. If you use all of your data before the end of the 30 days, you can purchase additional data bundles.

To subscribe to MTN Mega Gigs XS, you can use the MyMTN app, dial *129#, or call MTN customer care on 08600 43 4343.

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The Advantages of Subscribing to MTN Mega Gigs XS

When it comes to finding the perfect data bundle for your needs, MTN Mega Gigs XS stands out as an exceptional choice. Packed with numerous benefits, this data subscription offers great value for your money, giving you a wealth of data to stay connected and enjoy your online activities without limitations.

Ample Data, Excellent Value:
One of the key advantages of subscribing to MTN Mega Gigs XS is the generous data allocation you receive for the price. With this bundle, you can rest assured that you’ll have enough data to stream, browse, and connect with friends and family without worrying about exhausting your data balance too quickly.

Extended Validity Period:
MTN Mega Gigs XS comes with a considerable validity period of 30 days. This extended time frame allows you to make the most of your data without the fear of it expiring prematurely. So, whether you’re an occasional user or a frequent data consumer, this data bundle has got you covered for a full month.

Versatility in Usage:
Unlike some data packages that restrict usage to specific applications or activities, MTN Mega Gigs XS empowers you with the freedom to use your data for any purpose you desire. Whether it’s streaming your favorite shows, engaging on social media, or exploring the vast expanse of the internet, this data bundle provides unrestricted access.

Bonus Airtime Inclusion:
In addition to the abundant data, subscribers to MTN Mega Gigs XS are also rewarded with a bonus 25 minutes of airtime. This thoughtful addition enhances the value of the package, allowing you to make calls or send messages when necessary without depleting your regular airtime balance.

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How to Easily Subscribe to MTN Mega Gigs XS

Step 1: Download the MyMTN App
To begin the subscription process, head to either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download the MyMTN app. Android users can locate it by searching for “MyMTN,” while iOS users can find it by entering the same search term.

Step 2: Sign In or Create an MTN Account
Once the app is installed, sign in using your existing MTN account credentials. For new users, follow the app’s instructions to create a new MTN account effortlessly.

Step 3: Navigate to the “Data” Tab
Within the app, access the “Data” tab, where you’ll find a selection of data bundles available for subscription.

Step 4: Select “Mega Gigs XS”
From the list of data bundles, locate “Mega Gigs XS” and tap on it to view additional information about the package.

Step 5: Review Terms and Conditions, then Tap “Subscribe”
Before proceeding, make sure to thoroughly read the terms and conditions associated with the subscription. Once satisfied, tap on “Subscribe” to initiate the process.

Step 6: Enter MTN PIN and Confirm Subscription
Enter your 4-digit MTN PIN when prompted, and then confirm your subscription. Your MTN Mega Gigs XS subscription will now be activated.

Step 7: Begin Enjoying Your Data!
With the subscription successfully activated, you can now fully enjoy the benefits of MTN Mega Gigs XS and stay connected throughout the month.

Additional Tips for an Optimal MTN Mega Gigs XS Experience

  1. Maintain Sufficient Airtime Balance: Before subscribing, ensure your MTN account has enough airtime to cover the cost of the bundle. This prevents any interruption in service due to insufficient balance.
  2. Enable Automatic Renewal: Save yourself the hassle of manual monthly subscriptions by setting up automatic renewal through the MyMTN app. This ensures your MTN Mega Gigs XS subscription renews seamlessly each month.
  3. Track Data Usage: Stay on top of your data consumption by regularly monitoring your data usage through the MyMTN app. This helps you manage your data efficiently and avoid exceeding your monthly limit.


And there you have it, my fellow data enthusiasts – the exhilarating world of MTN Mega Gigs XS, where I found the key to unlock limitless connectivity! Embracing this power-packed data plan felt like stepping into a digital wonderland, where lagging videos and buffering became relics of the past. With just a simple dial and tap, I found myself in the fast lane of browsing and streaming, all without breaking a sweat. Whether it’s staying productive on the go or indulging in my favorite series during downtime, Mega Gigs XS had my back. So, if you’re ready to level up your digital experience and embark on a data-driven adventure, take the leap into MTN Mega Gigs XS. Trust me, you won’t look back – I sure haven’t! Happy data surfing, my friends!


How is MTN Mega Gigs XS different from other data plans?

Picture this – Mega Gigs XS is like a data rocket on steroids! While other plans may leave you hanging with limited data, Mega Gigs XS unleashes a massive data reservoir for seamless streaming and browsing. It’s like trading a bicycle for a turbo-charged sports car!

Can I rollover unused data with MTN Mega Gigs XS?

Absolutely! Mega Gigs XS is the king of flexibility. Any unused data becomes your trusty sidekick, rolling over to the next subscription. It’s like having a data time-traveling companion that ensures no megabyte goes to waste!

Is MTN Mega Gigs XS suitable for heavy data users?

You bet! If you’re a data glutton, Mega Gigs XS has got your back. Whether you’re a Netflix binger or a gaming enthusiast, this plan can handle your data cravings like a pro. It’s like having an all-you-can-eat buffet for data-hungry souls!

Can I use MTN Mega Gigs XS while traveling internationally?

Unfortunately, no. Mega Gigs XS is an unstoppable force within MTN’s home network, but it’s not built for global domination. So, keep the adventure local and let Mega Gigs XS treat you to a digital extravaganza within your home turf.

What happens if I run out of data before the subscription period ends?

Fear not, for MTN has you covered! If you find yourself stranded without data, you can still access MTN’s special emergency data service, which will give you a data lifeline until your next subscription. It’s like a digital guardian angel that comes to your rescue!

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